Autumn Elegance

Artist Kelly J
Paint by Numbers with some creative flair added

This beautiful piece captured my interest because I love the colors and the simplicity of this piece. It is actually a paint by numbers but once I was done, I made it my own, and added to it and filled in and blended everything together. Immediately after I posted it, the original sold. I use all my profits to help others in need. This profit went to a man I got to know in South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Reservation who helps the elders there. So the monies I made on this piece helped some people have wood for heat, water and supplies needed during there cold winter season.

Thank you goes to Norm C. for purchasing this piece and Tony T. for helping others in their time of need.

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Snow Day

Artist Kelly J

This is my first Watercolor class, and I really learned a lot about watercolors and blending especially his face. The water really works to blend in the correct places. I just love this piece.