Thankful for each day given

Artist Kelly J

Every day, we should be thankful, thankful for not only our life, but our breath, and the beauty that surrounds us.  If you are not thankful, do all that you can to get back to the basics of life and living closer to nature.

A simpler life is a more thankful life because you see the gifts of life in the things like the leaves changing color upon the Tree's, birds that come and go with the seasons and even the ones that stay and make a home where you live. You more aware of the details in life and see the vibrant colors in a wildflower, or the life of a Bumble Bee as you watch it dance and play.

These are the kind of things I am thankful for, but most of all I am thankful for God who came into my life when I was 10 and helped me to know that He was real and I could have a relationship with him. From that moment in time, my life changed and I was forever thankful for life and all the amazing colors and beauty that I see surrounding me each and every day.

I always pray that God would keep me safe, when I am driving. That he would keep all the animals and people I come in contact with safe as well.  I have been blessed to never have had an accident or run over anything in 41 years of driving and prayer. 

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