Life Journal

I have come to realize in my 57 years of walking this earth, that my life's call is on the Spirit side of life and to be there for the animals. My passion is to be able to show and share a world where kindness is at the forefront.

I recently heard someone speaking about the physical and spirit world, and I was given that aha' moment, where you know deep in your core, that was the truth that you needed to hear. And then right after that, I was reading a book about people who have changed the world, and I read a common thread that was through them all, they achieved their call because they never let anyone take it away from them, no matter what, and they also never looked for any praise. They achieved there call because they were given a drive and a passion that resonated with who they were made to be and become. We know of them today because their story was worth telling, but in their day, most of them passed on without any recognition.

I also was given that passion and drive. To be a light in this world, and to go where I was given a call to be for a time such as this. Many who I have read in this book never would know their life story spoke volumes. So, I have learned to just press on to where I am called to be. That is my life work, and I am exactly where I need to be.
Artist Kelly J

Always seek the truth, live your life for what you were called to be and become, be thankful for what you have been given, live your life fully and freely, always be a light in this world, keep your children close and teach them goodness, be kind towards others, search and seek and you will always find your answers that our Creator placed into your very own heart for such a time as this.

My personal Path:

  • I was born in the summer of 1962
  • I met my Creator and Maker in the summer of 1972 and from that day forward my life was forever changed. God went from being unreachable, to close enough to kiss my cheek daily. He became real and accessible to me.
  • I accepted Yeshua in the summer of 1995 even though I was never lost, I personally believe that if we know and follow our Creator we are free people.
  • In the summer of 2005, I openly shared my faith with everyone I knew and was baptized openly in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • I personally believe that anyone who seeks God, who to me is the Creator of Life and Love and everywhere at all times, He will be found. It's a personal experience, a personal relationship, a one on one bonding between you and Him. Then live out your life on the road He alone made for you, which is always filled with goodness.

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