God makes me laugh

Yesterday January 3rd, 2020 my husband and I were driving to town to do some grocery shopping. As we were driving this little squirrel did not know which way he wanted to go so we slowed down as he was deciding then he ran and jumped off the bank like he was on a trampoline. It made me chuckle because he looked so comical.

Today January 4th as we are leaving our driveway, a squirrel runs across the road and jumps off the bank just like the one yesterday but was even more theatrical in his jump. I immediately knew it was God giving me a chuckle for the day. I so love when He does little blessing such as that.

It was a pretty dreary day, raining and foggy and just yucky outside. Well, it was around 3:30 and we were deciding to press on to go somewhere it would take us about another 2 hours to get home or just go home now. We decided to go home now because it was getting colder and our dogs were outside. As we drove the weather was getting worse and the rain turned into wet snow and the temp was dropping, so I asked God to please keep the sun on our dwelling till we got home so our boys could stay warm and dry. We were so glad we made the choice to go home. It was gloomy and snowing the whole way till we approached our street and there was the sun. All the way down our street the weather got better, less wind, no snow and it was sunny. We pulled into our driveway and got our of our vehicle saying thank you to the one who made us, and he parted the sky and shined the sun down upon us, we could see the full sun with a little blue in the sky. wow, those times with Him boost my faith and keep me seeking more and more of His wisdom upon my life.

He never ceases to amaze me. I give him all the thanks and honor.

Artist Kelly J

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