Rainy Scene

Art by Kelly J
Rainy Scene -  I love this scene, because it seems so peaceful.


Thankful for each day given

Artist Kelly J

Every day, we should be thankful, thankful for not only our life, but our breath, and the beauty that surrounds us.  If you are not thankful, do all that you can to get back to the basics of life and living closer to nature.

A simpler life is a more thankful life because you see the gifts of life in the things like the leaves changing color upon the Tree's, birds that come and go with the seasons and even the ones that stay and make a home where you live. You more aware of the details in life and see the vibrant colors in a wildflower, or the life of a Bumble Bee as you watch it dance and play.

These are the kind of things I am thankful for, but most of all I am thankful for God who came into my life when I was 10 and helped me to know that He was real and I could have a relationship with him. From that moment in time, my life changed and I was forever thankful for life and all the amazing colors and beauty that I see surrounding me each and every day.

I always pray that God would keep me safe, when I am driving. That he would keep all the animals and people I come in contact with safe as well.  I have been blessed to never have had an accident or run over anything in 41 years of driving and prayer. 

Be Kind

Artist Kelly J

Kindness is a virtue. I love meeting people who are Kind. It makes life so much easier and puts a smile on faces. If we are called to walk in the light, we should strive to be Kind.

Seeking Truth

Art by Kelly J

Always seek the truth, live your life for what you were called to be and become, be thankful for what you have been given, live your life fully and freely, always be a light in this world, keep your children close and teach them goodness, be kind towards others, search and seek and you will always find your answers that our Creator placed into your very own heart for such a time as this.

Our Spirit is the Heart of the earth, I was thinking today about the term "what would Jesus do" and I was thinking about many scenarios that we face today. For example, if He were here today, would he have the animals surround him and love on them? or would he be killing and slaughtering them and eating them?  Would he encourage parents to have their children and teach them about the amazing times they will experience in their child's life? or would he perform the abortion and kill the children? Every choice we make in life, would be awesome if we could ask this simple question, of what would Jesus do? And choose His way.

Heaven in a Wild Flower

Artist Kelly J

“To see the World in a Grain of Sand
and Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
and Eternity in an hour.”

I love to draw and create. Each piece I share tells a story. I was born to love life. I have always been grateful for the beauty that has always been all around me. I am attracted to nature, wildlife, animals, kindness, and freedom. I love the change of seasons.

Our Creator and me

Artist Kelly J

On December 23rd, 2019 while driving home from work, I was singing a song by Chris Tomlin called "How great is our God" Listen here and for some reason it really moved me tonight. Maybe because it was live, and Chris was sharing the story of how the song came about.

I felt the presence of our Father so close to me, as it was playing and as I was basking in His presence. The words "How Great is our God" was being sung and at that exact moment, one of my favorite black Angus calves jumped into the air with such a joy filling its heart. It was a moment in time, I wanted to freeze and stay in for a while.

After that experience, I felt God calling me to share who He is to me. The reason why I have started this blog is to show how real and present He is in my life.

How close are you to God?

Artist Kelly J

I was thinking today while driving to work, how blessed I am to know my Father in heaven up close and personal. Many of us speak of Him in the past tense. We read our bibles and know of Him and the lessons and wisdom we have learned. But, how many go past that, and get to the point in life where you are living every day in His presence?

Today, the vehicle in front of me almost ran over a squirrel, I saw the little squirrel running and I thought it was hit as I slowed down to give it time and it looked up with a nut in its mouth and made it to the side of the road. I was thankful. But, on the next turn, another squirrel did not make it, he was laying on his side, gone. It made me sad.

I see my forever life many times, and in it, I am storing up all the things that I have been blessed to experience in this lifetime. One of the main things I store up is animals. When I see them dead on the roads, I always ask God if He would let them live in my forever life, then He always gives me a vision. This vision was of His hand picking up the squirrel and placing it in a tree that is in my forever life. The visions are always different. But, I am always able to have them there.

A passion I have is to be able to see all the animals that God has created, free to be who they were created to be. I want to see them in their natural state. Free to run and play and be themselves.