Set them Free and leave them free

Artist Kelly J

My inspiration for this sketch, is Springtime and all the birds singing and making me smile. We have put up several bird homes, and love watching them make their homes, lay their eggs, and have their babies. Right now I have a pair of Eastern Phoebe's who have come to the same nesting place for 6 years now, and every year they have babies in the Spring and then again in the summer. I also have a Wren who has tried for several years to have her young in the cover of our propane tank, but I think it gets to hot and every year, i find her eggs and none had hatched. Last year I put up a house kinda close to the tank hoping she would take up residence there and she did, right now i see 4 little wrens in the home and their parents take turns feeding them. Life is so precious to me, my Art always reflects Life, Freedom, Peace and Harmony.


Peace on Earth

Artist Kelly J 

I often ponder this saying, because those who believe already know that Peace on Earth will never be until our Messiah Returns. And even then, we have awhile till Peace will reign forever. I look forward to that day. I love it when people get along. I love seeing people that are kind. I love living where people are still genuine and nice.

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Apostles of Yeshua

Artist Kelly J

I had 12 individual posts, but combined them into one, with a book suggestion to read for more great info. on who they were. The Book I recommend to read is  The Twelve by Leslie Flynn The twelve disciples/apostles were ordinary men whom God used in an extraordinary manner. Among the twelve were fishermen, a tax collector, and a revolutionary. The Gospels record the constant failings, struggles, and doubts of these twelve men who followed Christ. After witnessing Jesus' resurrection and ascension into heaven, the Holy Spirit transformed the disciples into apostles who were powerful men of God who turned the world upside down.

1.  Simon Peter called the Rock
2.  Andrew the Introducer
3.  James the Hothead
4.  John the beloved son of Thunder
5.  Philip the Cautious one
6.  Bartholomew / Nathanael the Guiless
7.  Thomas the Questioner
8.  Matthew the Tax collector
9.  James the son of Alphaes
10. Judas / Thaddeus
11. Simon the Zealot
12. Judas Iscariot  the Traitor Iscariot

A disciple is a student, one who learns from a teacher.
An apostle is sent to deliver those teachings to others.

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Artist Kelly J

Art by Kelly J

Growing in my gifting, and trusting that my Father in Heaven knows who this ART will touch, I just ask for His perfect will be done in and thru my life and to use me as He may. My name is Kelly and my Artist name is Artist Kelly J. This is the page I post all my Art to first. Thank you for visiting, come back soon :)