With and without our Maker

Artist Kelly J

My August posts are my testimony in a nutshell, and many of them lead to the next post. When you search and seek for our Creator, He can be found. I guess why so many do not have Him in their life, is because they never ask for Him to be there. Sometimes, we watch movies and wonder how people can live without Him in there life. But, they do not know. Since I have had Him since I was 10, I did not know what it felt like not to have Him there to call upon. So one day I asked what it was like for people who did not know or understand. I asked God to take His presence away from me for a short while so I could experience that feeling. The experience made me so sad for those who are living a life without His grace. I don't understand why anyone would want that. But, I realized in that moment in time, that many just had no clue. Either they are to religious, they are to churched, they are living in a place where they think He does not exist. 

He is everywhere at all times, He is omnipotent and is there for us all. Anyone can have a relationship with the one who created and made them. All you have to do is ask and open your life to His presence.

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