Seek the Truth and you will be free indeed

Artist Kelly J 

When we here something that sets us free, we are free indeed and know the truth. I am always searching for truths. I like to know when something began. I always question when things came to be. It's very surprising sometimes, to know something today, but go back to when it was first discovered. Our History for example has a beginning. Many of the stories over time have changed from the truths of what really happened in the time frame that it happened.

Take the time to discover hidden meanings in everything. 

Know that our Creator is our Father, and He is so good to those who want to take the time to get to know Him and fellowship with Him. His road is beautiful and perfect. He already sent His son to pay the price for all of us to live in the Victory that He gave to us. 

Y'shua came for the lost, once you know, you can choose to live in His freedom, His peace, His Victory. A gift for those who really know the truth.

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