Safety and Protection

Artist Kelly J

A piece of my testimony ... a client of mine shared this story with me one time about God's safety and protection. Her niece was walking thru Central Park one evening, and as a man was walking towards her, she had a very uneasy feeling, and immediately prayed for God's protection. He passed her by and she never thought anything about it again. Until a couple days later she was making dinner and noticed on the news, a sketch of the man's face, who made her feel uneasy. The news asked for help and she called the police to share her story. They asked if she could come in and pick him out in a line up, she agreed.

Making a long story shorter, she was called to court, When she was on the stand, they asked the man why he did not choose her as a victim, the evening he decided to rape another. His answer stunned my friends niece. He said, because she was walking with 2 huge body guards by her side. When they asked the niece why she never told them that, she paused for a moment to think, and realized that her prayers brought God's promise to her for safety and protection.

wow, I never went anywhere or did anything again without praying ... and my life has been blessed because of prayers. God is sooooo good!!!!

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