Never quench His Spirit

Artist Kelly J

Another part of my testimony. The best way to live, is to never quench the Spirit of our Creator upon your life. You never know what He may have in store for you. This is an entire day shortened into a snippet of a story. My husband and I were suppose to go Motorcycle riding with a group of friends. But, God had other plans. I felt that strong unction not to go. And I am seasoned enough in my walk to listen. That afternoon we drove to town and when we got there I saw a man walking with a backpack and 3 dogs. He stopped for a break and we pulled over to see if he needed anything and ask him if we could help at all. Long story shortened. It took him a month and 1/2 to get about 800 miles. And he still had quite a ways to go to get to his destination. We decided to take him a little ways to help him out, but God had different plans and we took him and his 3 dogs the whole way which was about 250 miles. His name was Brian and God blessed us that day. It felt so good to help someone in need out. It would have taken him about another month at his pace because we live in the Mountains and the roads can be very treacherous for walking. I am so thankful that I never quenched Gods spirit that day.

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