Miracles are awesome

Artist Kelly J 

Another miracle that happened to me, I was out in Tampa Bay and wanted to take my dog out to the sand. But from where I was to the sandy spot was barnacles in-between. So, I picked up my dog to carry him across, and as I was walking a barnacle moved beneath my feet and I could feel myself going down. I threw my dog as far as I could, so he would land in the water and not be hurt. But, unfortunately for me, I landed where the back of my thigh got cut opened on a barnacle. It was pretty bad. I said a prayer and the pain stopped immediately. I asked for healing, so I did not have to go to the emergency room and I received my healing. It was not immediate, but I felt lead to know what to do and it healed without a scar in about a week or two. I never had pain. I was so thankful for my healing. And especially that my dog did not get hurt.

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