Don't rush into anything

Artist Kelly J 

Another part of my testimony. When I was in my 20's many of my friends were getting married and having families. But, I was a late bloomer. I was to young at heart for that. But, I thought something was wrong with me at the time, because everyone else was ready. My mom with her wisdom shared this thought with me, that helped me to see my life from a different perspective. She said to me "Kelly, think of a little girl who is trying to catch a Butterfly with a net, she tries and tries and just cannot catch the Butterfly. Discouraged she takes a break and sits down, and low and behold, there is that Butterfly who lands upon her shoulder." 

We should not have to be like everyone else. We are all on different Journeys in life. I lived my life backwards so to speak. I lived enjoying everything while I was young and could do lots of things. I did not feel ready for a serious relationship till I was about 29 years of age. And I did not get married until I was 48. Today, I am 57 and thankful, I did not rush things, because Life has been really good to me.

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