A pair of Shoes that changed a life

Artist Kelly J

my testimony again ... I was shopping one day for a top that I needed and as I was shopping, I kept getting the unction to go to the shoe department. Not needing shoes, I listened and went to the shoe dept. It was there that a conversation was brought up with a woman who was looking for sandals. 

To make a long story short, she found a beautiful Dark Peach Toned dress and needed some sandals to go with it. I felt God nudging me as He led me to a pair of sandals that were the perfect color and guess what, they were also the perfect size. I brought them over to her and told her that they were on sale. She tried them on, perfect in every way. She loved them, but was hesitant to get them. 

God nudged me again, tell her you'll buy them for her, from me. So, I told her that I felt led to buy them for her, that God spoke to me and told me to. She smiled and said, that she was asked to be a greeter in her church but, knew she did not have anything nice to wear, and she said thank you!

The sandals were marked $19.99 and when we got to the register to check out. They rang up at $1.07, We all were surprised, even the cashier said there were no sales going on and even if there were nothing rings up at one dollar. $1.00 ... the woman and myself just smiled knowing that somehow God intervened and made it all happen that day. He loves to surprise us like that, at the least likely times and the least likely ways.

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