Charlie Vandergaw and Bear Haven

Artist Kelly J 

I drew this out of my love for a true story I heard a few decades ago. The story was beautiful when it was first released. It was Charlie's life story of living for over 20 years in the Alaska Wilderness with Black Bears and Grizzly Bears. Throughout those years he developed a bond with these Bears, and lived among them. Over time he called his place "Bear Haven". The Bears got so use to Charlie that they started to trust him around their young. For over 2 decades it was a sanctuary, so to speak. I believe it still would be a sanctuary if Charlie did not tell anyone. But, once the word got out everything changed for him. It made me really sad for Charlie and all the Bears who he individually named and knew them all and there amazing personalities. I hold this true story close to my heart, knowing that paradise does exist in many places upon this earth.

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