Learning to Listen and Obey God's Voice

Artist Kelly J

This drawing came to me, as I was thinking about when God taught me how to listen for his voice, and then to obey. One day my husband and I were suppose to go on a motorcycle ride with some friends. But, I got that unction in my Spirit, not to go. I was not sure why, but, I was seasoned enough in my walk to know, to listen. Later in the day, we drove to town and to make a very long story short. We picked up a man named Brian and his 3 dogs and drove them to their location, which would have taken them about a month and a half walking. It took us 10 hours driving them round trip, from 2 pm till midnight. But what an amazing experience to know we helped someone who would have had a very hard time in the Mountains and in all kinds of weather extremes, to have gotten to his location. They had already been on the road for over a month. Gods grace, got them there thru us, who listened and obeyed his will upon our lives.

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