Dads day is everyday

Artist Kelly J

Dad's heart is king-size and strong.
With his heart he built our lives and is a Husband, Father, Grandpa and Friend to many.
Dad's heart gives generously, serves humbly, and loves my mom unselfishly, completely and unendingly.
Dad held me when I was small, steadied me when I stumbled, and guided me in the right direction.
When I needed help, I could always count on my Dad.
Dad corrected me, disciplined me, shielded me, rescued me and protected me.
Dad's heart is strong and steady and filled with love.
I thank God for my dad who is always kind, always loving, always strong and still here at the age of 87.
I love my dad and know he loves me.
What more could I ask for in a dad.
Thank you dad for loving me, and being all that you are.
Your Daughter
Kelly J.

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