A Passion for Life

Artist Kelly J

Today, I got a call from a friend who is struggling. Her momma is 92 years of age and has always taken care of herself, cooked meals, fed her Horse, gone to town with friends, etc. The daughter is struggling to have to take care of her momma and had to make the choice to have her go into a nursing facility, due to things that were happening like she forgot to shut off the oven, or would forget and would regress in time to when her momma was still here. It's being stuck between a rock and a hard place, because she had to be the one to take away her momma's freedom, and now her momma dislikes her and the daughter only wants the best for her momma.

This picture depicts the momma and her passion for life, but now is controlled by a nursing place, meds that need to be taken, and because she also has sugar and loves treats, that is taken away also.

Personally, I would want to live my life free, free to make my own choices until the day God takes me back. I do not know what i would do if I were faced with the same choice for one of my parents.

What would you do?

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